What is/was SenderBase?

Launched in 2003SenderBase was a website featuring email reputation data and status information, originally created by IronPort, "designed to help email administrators better manage incoming email streams by providing objective data about the identity of senders," according to this legacy support document from Cisco.

Cisco acquired IronPort in 2007, bringing SenderBase under new ownership. Over time, Cisco's email reputation services transitioned to the Cisco Talos Intelligence Center

As of mid-2023, the SenderBase.org website is no more, as warned of here by Cisco, no longer even redirecting to its replacement.

Never fear! That just means that now you'll have to go directly to Cisco's Talos Intelligence Center, where you can look up web reputation, content categorization, Sender IP reputation, Sender domain reputation, File reputation, IPS/SIDS, and more. Cisco also uses this site to provide threat-related research, podcast, and blog content.

TL;DR? Somebody asks about SenderBase? Point them at Talos Intelligence.

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