CAN-SPAM Roundup

The US Federal Anti-Spam law (CAN-SPAM) has been in effect for just over three years now, yet I still get questions about it constantly. Here’s a quick roundup of links to resources relating to the CAN-SPAM act:
If you send commercial email, here’s an important thing to remember:

As you probably noticed while doing research online, some people recommend that if the list you are sending to isn’t opt-in, you should label your mail with a clear notice that it’s an advertisement or solicitation. They’re wrong, and here’s what you should be doing instead:

If you don't have clear consent, don’t send it.

“But the law allows it” isn’t a good enough reason. ISPs can and do block 100% legal emails all day long. Label your message as an advertisement and send it to a list that isn't opt-in and you’re asking, practically begging, for an ISP to filter or block your mail.

If it’s not opt-in, if you don’t have affirmative consent, your mail will be blocked as spam, and you’re going to create an email deliverability problem. It’s that simple.
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