e360 vs Spamhaus: Sparring in the Newsgroups

Oh boy, the things you find on the newsgroups sometimes.

Here's a link to a thread on the news.admin.net-abuse.email newsgroup where Spamhaus and E360 decided to battle it out in the court of public opinion on Friday. What's the goal here? This works to the advantage of whom, exactly? Didn't the old adage used to say that the best case to try a lawsuit was in a courtroom?

I wonder how many of these newsgroup posts are going to end up as evidence in the ongoing appeals in the whole E360 versus Spamhaus lawsuit.

Riddle me this, if you please: If Spamhaus loses their appeal, then what's the actual impact to them? That the Spamhaus folks won't be able to travel to the US? That US ISPs will be afraid to use a foreign blacklist with judgements against it? It seems like a long shot that E360 will actually silence Spamhaus, regardless of the outcome here. But, as they say, "IANAL" (I am not a lawyer), so I'll just have to keep an eye out to see what happens next.

On another note, is E360 apparently telling anti-spam activist Mark Ferguson that he did indeed sign up for email from E360. True? False? Forgery? Harvested address? I wonder if E360 will be able to produce information that ties a signup request back to the person in question.

In a possibly-unrelated item, E360 has also posted the following information on their website:
Eant et fugiant a te inquieti iniqui. et tu vides eos et et ecce pulchra imperium tuum dehonestaverunt,distinguis umbras, et ecce pulchra imperium tuum dehonestaverunt, a caelis usque.aut in quo imperium tuum.


  1. On why the public outbursts? No clue. Seems dangerous to me.

    On the question of whatif SH loses? I don't see anything in the current action that would have any effect at all on the human beings (none of them mentioned) and we officially don't do "guilt by association".

    Linhardt would have to go after and win against a few big users to have any effect, I would guess.

    The question nobody is asking: What happened to Bolin?


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