Spam, the Documentary

You can catch anti-spam professional (and Internet for Dummies author) John Levine on TV tomorrow. He writes:

Last year I helped some Canadian film makers do a TV show called "Spam, the Documentary". Now US viewers can see it on Court TV tomorrow Sept 18th at 11pm EDT or the 19th at 3am EDT. (Well, at least the insomniacs or the ones with TiVo can see it.)

It came out quite well; they start by interviewing Terry Jones about the original Monty Python spam skit, then you can see Dave buy a genuine fake Rolex, try a weight reduction wrap, and discuss the likely effects of enlargement products with an actual doctor (ewww). You also see quite a lot of me doing narration from a cybercafe in Toronto.

The CBC's web page at has more info and a promo clip.

I got to see this when it first came out last year. Good stuff!

January 2022 Update: Now available on Youtube.


  1. There's also a torrent available for a .avi version of the program, in case you are neither a tivo subscriber nor an insomniac:


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