Las Vegas Spam via China

I get a new one of these every couple of weeks. The from addresses and names vary; usually it has a random Gmail address on the from address. The name associated is something like "Nathan Singer" or "Jeff Strum" and seems to vary with each mailing.

The CAN-SPAM info suggests that these folks are supposedly reputable, maybe even a real company: Receptionist Solutions, LLC, 10161 Park Run Drive, Las Vegas NV 89145.

But the email is coming from, an IP address in China. If these guys are so reputable, why are they sending from an IP address in China? With a Gmail from address? With an unsubscribe link and some other domain (also hosted in China)?

Seriously, can somebody explain to me who in their right mind would buy a product from somebody who has such a complete lack of branding and transparency, to the point where they're seemingly not even complying with CAN-SPAM?

I called the number from the spam footer, to find out that it is a company called "Intelligent Office" and they are indeed sending the emails in question. Yuck.
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