Spammers: SambaMail and The Data Supplier

Are you looking to buy a list? There’s no faster path to being identified as a spammer. If you’re looking to damage your ability to send mail, or if you’re looking to damage your online reputation, then this might be for you.

Check out The Data Supplier. One billion email addresses – only $795. Comes with:
  • 15 Million Companies Emails
  • 3 Million Fresh Bulk Emails
  • 8 Million Worldwide Emails
  • 9.4 Million Misc Emails
  • 250K Germany Emails
  • 1 Million Yahoo Emails
Gosh, what a value! If you want to send email to people who didn’t sign up to get emails from you, and if you want to get reported as a spammer.

So, where are you going to send your spam through? Legitimate email service providers would cancel your account within seconds of trying to send to lists like this.

Never fear! SambaMail to the rescue. Their FAQ helpfully explains: Can I rent or buy an email list to use with the service? service can be used with third party email lists, as long as they are opt-in. All lists purchased from our partner are considered opt-in lists.

Here’s a hint: Somebody calling something an opt-in list doesn’t make it an opt-in list. I could call a Honda Civic a Range Rover, but truth is, the Honda is still a four door sedan. These are spam lists, and if you use these lists, you’re spamming. It’s clear that SambaMail is okay with spamming. Yuck. If somehow you're a legitimate company, sending only to your customers, using SambaMail, my recommendation is to run away, and fast. Since they allow spam, ISPs and blacklists will go after them, and your legitimate non-spam mail will get caught in the crossfire.

So, who are these guys, anyway? Who knows. Looking up who owns their domains, I see that they’ve masked their contact info. Would you really do business with somebody who tries to hide who they are? Yet another sign that these people aren’t exactly ethical or trustworthy.

The Data Supplier tries to reassure visitors that it's OK to send spam: Is it legal to send email to the lists and what about the CAN-SPAM Act? Sending bulk email is legal as long as you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. The CAN-SPAM Act basically states: 1) Your email's "From," "To," and routing information must be accurate and identify the person who initiated the email. 2) Your Subject line cannot mislead the recipient. 3) You must have an Opt-Out method. 4) You must identify your valid postal address.

That's bad advice, and completely wrong. They're misrepresenting what the law actually says, and they're leaving out important details, things like how every ISP will block you, no ISP wants this mail, and you'll probably end up getting threatened or sued if you buy and use these lists. The Data Supplier doesn't care. They'll be long gone by then, probably having changed names ten times and using new, different PO boxes in some other state.

This is yucky on every possible level.


  1. The Data Supplier are a bunch of scammers. For starters, when any 'new' customer wants to purchase a list from them, they won't accept credit card payments, only a wire transfer. That's fishy for starters.

    Much of their data is out of date and not refreshed, making it's quality poor. We were told the data we purchased was 'opt-in' yet on simple inspection, it was harvested from one website that is no longer operational. I call that misleading, unethical and downright rotten.

    If you want to throw your money down the drain and ruin your businesses reputation, then go ahead and deal with them. Otherwise, if you have any brains AVOID THESE SCAMMERS AT ALL COSTS!!!

  2. Yep agreed. Data is old and of poor quality. I did one campaign and received a 60% bounce rate. Almost banned from my email marketing provider.

    I would say don't buy it. There are better companies out there. Save your $$ and go elsewhere. I asked for a refund and was told no, so don't waste your money like I did.

  3. Can u tell me someone genuine in the market?

  4. Yes, here's a complete list of every trustworthy company that sells email lists:


    Did you miss it? I'll post it a second time:



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