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Following up to my recent post about email forwarding, Rob Mueller wrote in, talking up his particular email provider. It's called

He writes: "I run an email service at We've been a niche email service provider for almost 10 years now.

On our beta server (, i've got a trial system I call a "reflector" setup. The difference between forwarding/reflecting is this.

Forward: A copy of the email is sent to the target account (eg your work). When you reply, the email comes from your work account address.

Reflect: A copy of the email is sent to the target account (eg your work), with the headers munged in a special way. When you reply or reply all, the email is sent back via the FastMail reflector, which unmunges the headers, and makes the email look like it came from your FastMail account (it also stores a copy in your Sent Items folder).

Net result, the people you're having a conversation with only ever see your FastMail email address, never your work one."

Neat idea! Reminds me of how the old anonymous remailers used to work. Rob did caution me that it's only in beta currently, only available on their beta server currently, but that a number of folks have been using it for months now.
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