Symantec Says Illinois is #5

My current state of residence is in the top ten! Whoo! The top ten of what, you ask? Why, in the list of states ranked by how much spam people in those states, receive, of course. 

"In 2008, Illinois had a spam rate of 92.1 percent, meaning 9.21 of every 10 e-mails received by businesses were spam. This year the state's rate is 91.6 percent." That makes us number five, apparently. Who wins? "Idaho, which shot from No. 44 to No. 1 with a rate of 93.8 percent."

This news comes from a report released by Symantec this past week, as covered in my (adopted) hometown rag, the Chicago Tribune.

Neat stuff, but exactly how scientific is research like this, anyway? I'm not sure I'm buying it. Symantec sure can't see the inside of my Illinois inbox. If you include my spamtrap domains in my personal count, I get approximately 99.9999% spam. The other .0001% are requests for delisting from blacklists that I don't run.
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