Karmasphere Reputation Services Shutting Down

Karmasphere, founded in 2005 by Meng Weng Wong as a reputation service provider, provided some neat tools, allowing any Joe internet user to publish their own blacklist or whitelist. Neat! How does one make money doing that? Sounds like they weren't too sure, either, based on the email I received on Monday, November 2nd, 2009.

D.J. Stewart of Karmasphere posted the following message to the Karmasphere Users and Karmasphere Announce lists:

As a registered user of Karmasphere Reputation Services, we wanted to let you know that we are discontinuing the service, effective November 16, 2009. If you are using the services through DNS, BQuery or email plugins, please make plans to adjust your configurations ideally prior to November 9 and no later than November 16, 2009.

On that final date, we will disable the reputation servers so that you can no longer query them. Anybody who still has not removed Karmasphere's reputation service from their mail configuration when this happens may find that their mail servers appear to slow down while they wait for their queries to Karmasphere to time out.

You may be thinking "why are they doing this?". The answer is that we are moving the business in a different direction. We have applied the experience gained in manipulating and analysing large data sets in reputation services into developing software that makes it easier to use Hadoop.

This change in focus means that we no longer have the time nor resources to give the reputation service the attention it deserves.  Rather than letting the service slowly decay, we are ending them.

This end of service will proceed in the following stages.

Stage 1: To November 9, 2009
Our services will continue as they have for the past 4 years.
This gives you a chance to remove karmasphere's feeds and feedsets from
your mail server configurations.

Stage 2: November 9 - November 16, 2009
Our servers will continue to respond but our feedsets will whitelist

Stage 3: November 16, 2009
The reputation servers will be turned off.

Thank you for using our services.

The Karmasphere Team.
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