Alan Ralsky Goes to Jail, Does Not Pass Go

Spamhaus reports: "Leaving a wake of over 12-years of criminal spamming and trillions of sent junk emails behind him, long time ROKSO listed spammer Alan Ralsky is finally behind the walls of a US Federal Prison. After pleading guilty to multiple federal criminal charges, and after time extensions to "get his affairs in order", Ralsky reported to FCI Morgantown in north-central West Virginia on March 1st to start serving his 4-year, 3-month sentence."

Ralsky was the guy who complained when angry spam recipients figured out his home address and signed him up for tons of junk mail, magazines, and catalogs. I wonder if he's wishing for that reading material now, to help pass the time for the next four years or so.


  1. This really isnt alcatraz or the pen at marion IL that replaced it. Its a correctional institution. Just a minimum security camp. So ..

    FCI morgantown seems really nice to me. Especially compared to a higher security place. It is like a beautiful college campus. They live in units (dorms) and go to classes, work, dinner, watch football together, play cards, softball, workout, lift, cook. My boyfriend is there and he's doing just fine. The visitation goes well. just follow their dress code and there are no problems. There are lots of couples, families, and kids.


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