All About List Growth

Here it is; the definitive page at Spam Resource, where I line up everything I have to share about list growth. The next person that asks me how to grow their list will be directed to this post.

Part 1: How do I grow my list? -- December 1, 2010 Andrew Kordek of Trendline Interactive provides expert guidance on what you need to think about when it's time to come up with a list growth strategy.

Part 2: More on Growing Your List -- December 6, 2010 A link roundup of resources and commentary. Thoughts from other smart folks on how to grow your list.

Bonus #1: On List Growth and Buying Lists -- December 22, 2009 Are buying lists a good idea? If not, why not? Ask Ken Magill about EmailAppenders, for starters.

Bonus #2: Sweepstakes and List Building -- April 14, 2007 Back in 2007, Jamie Schissler, Strategy Director at Avenue A | Razorfish, explained that sweepstakes are not particularly effective for database growth and development.

Bonus #3: LinkedIn: A List Building Opportunity? -- January 5, 2011 The perils of using your networking contacts as leads to build your marketing database. Don't do it!
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