The Passing of J.D. Falk

I'm very sad to pass along the news that J.D. Falk has passed away after a year-long battle with cancer.

I feel like I've known J.D. forever, and I most definitely had come to greatly respect and admire him. Occasionally someone would ask me if I'm trying to sound like Seth Godin, when I loudly attempt to espouse a consumer-centric point of view, I reply that no, I'm channeling J.D. Falk. Helping to stop spam and improve the email ecosystem have been his day job for so many years, across Yahoo, Hotmail, the Mail Abuse Prevention System, and most recently, Return Path. That job occasionally involved hitting marketers with a stick, reminding them that the email universe does not revolve around them.

The world is a slightly less better place today without J.D. Falk in it.
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