Dynamic Dolphin Dies

Over at Word to the Wise, Laura Atkins reports on Scott Richter's domain registrar Dynamic Dolphin getting its accreditation yanked.

I'm not sure why this took so long. This was one of those open secret kind of things that everybody talked about in the hallways at just about every industry event I've ever attended. The perception and belief is that this entity was owned by Richter, who has a long history of lawsuits and settlements and related to unsolicited email and/or other alleged bad acts. My assumption is that you probably could have blocked all mail and links to/from any domain registered there without losing the tiniest bit of desirable mail.

I think we might owe Brian Krebs a beer for his work on this one, tipping off ICANN to a prior criminal conviction that ultimately led to the recent de-certification of Dynamic Dolphin.

I believe I've only met Scott Richter once-- I believe he bought me a beer at an industry event a very long time ago. Since then I think things have changed a lot. I suspect that buddying up to ISPs and anti-spammers didn't really give him long term inbox success that he had hoped for.
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