Interesting SBLs is back

Ever seen the @InterestingSBLs twitter account? It's kind of interesting and occasionally entertaining. It highlights various SBL entries that its anonymous author finds "interesting" by whatever criteria that may be. Because it's an ESP? An ESP's client? A Fortune 500 company? Not sure, but all have appeared there. My own employer has occasionally been called out on it, as have others. Some representatives of some companies have gotten really upset over being mentioned by that Twitter account, but not me. To me, it's really just a synopsis of a public record. And good companies occasionally have Spamhaus issues, too-- not just bad companies. It tells me it's something "interesting" to go look at, not that so-and-so is a scumbag spammer. If you or your company gets mentioned there, take a deep breath and look into it.

There are often big gaps between when @InterestingSBLs posts, but he or she seems to have been active as recently as just over a week ago.

If that doesn't interest you, there's always the Spamhaus SBL "Latest Entries" page, showing you what has been recently entered or recently removed into Spamhaus's main blacklist. This can be pretty interesting. I once knew an alleged spammer who spent most of his day hitting "refresh" on this page every few minutes, looking to find that partners in (alleged) crime may have been caught in the Spamhaus cross hairs.

Keep in mind that all Spamhaus SBL entries are effectively public information. Spamhaus does not password protect or otherwise obviously restrict access to the listing information available on their website. (I'm not necessarily making a case for whether or not they should be public or not, just noting how it is today.)
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