Sender ID Doesn't Matter in 2016

Once upon a time, Sender ID was a sort of Hotmail-specific version of Sender Policy Framework (SPF). It used to be valuable and necessary to maximize your chances at getting solid inbox deliverability at Hotmail. There used to be these tricks you had to do; like, if mail was being silently discarded at Hotmail, you'd have to manually submit your Sender ID record to them via a webform, and we knew that this would eventually lead to improved deliverability.

But that's all super old news at this point. Hotmail -- I mean -- has long switched over to checking DKIM and SPF like so many other large email and webmail providers.

There's no harm if you're still publishing a Sender ID record, but if you're planning to set one up when configuring your new domain, don't bother. SPF and DKIM are where it's at in 2016.
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