LinkedIn for list building: Still bad news

It's been just over five years since a particular goober harvested his LinkedIn contact list and spammed me and a bunch of other folks.

Consider that the next time it happened, with somebody else doing it, was just now, I guess that means that it's safe to say that not EVERYBODY plans to use LinkedIn to haphazardly build their list. I think it's good that perhaps most folks wouldn't think of doing that. A five year interval is better than a five week interval. But the couple of times it has happened to me -- and when I've observed it happening to others -- it always seems to be a "digital strategist" or "email strategy expert" behind it.

Real email marketing experts don't send spam! I'm sure you're all very nice people and the person in this latest incident seems like a nice enough guy. Maybe we'll get to work together on a project with a mutual customer. I'd like that.

But I do have a problem with you taking your LinkedIn contact list and importing it into an ESP and sending to it. That's spam. It wasn't cool in 2011, and it still isn't cool now.

(I'm not even calling this latest guy a goober. He just needs a bit of education. That previous guy who did it, he wanted to argue about it for days, then resorted to name calling when the discussion didn't go his way.)
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