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Help! I'm blocked at!

Hey! Are you finding your mail rejected when trying to send to

Remember that email users now have their mail handled by AOL's systems. That means, if you're blocked at, you're blocked at (as well as,,,,,,

So what you have here is an AOL issue, not a "Verizon" issue. What to do about AOL issues, I've blogged about right over here.

For a full list of all AOL domains, click here.

Note: AOL and Yahoo Mail are now owned by the same company, but as of December, 2017, their systems have not been combined. Thus, you should continue to handle AOL and Yahoo issues completely separately.

January, 2022 Update: Nowadays, mail for,, and all the usual AOL and Yahoo domains is now handled by Yahoo Mail. Need help because you're blocked there? Find more information here.

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