Spam recall: For real!

Remember how Outlook had that horrible "Recall" function that didn't work because anybody with a brain could just force quit Outlook to prevent it from deleting the original message? This has nothing to do with that. If you still use Outlook (I don't) and if that feature still exists (I have no idea), don't use it. When observed, it is a strong indicator that the person hitting the recall button doesn't know how real SMTP email works.


There is an honest-to-god real SPAM recall at the moment. The USDA is recalling 228,000 pounds of Hormel's deliciously salty and fatty good stuff because there may be metal bits embedded in the meat. Here's more info. I need to go check my cupboard; I usually keep a can on hand because it does well when you fry it up with eggs in a pinch as a sort of substitute bacon.
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