Bounteous explains AMP for Email

What is AMP for Email? Where did it come from, who supports it, what do you do with it, what's its current state, and what does the future likely hold? Caity O'Connor, Campaign Specialist for Bounteous answers most of these questions in what I believe to be the best overview to date. Click here to read.

Dynamic content in email via AMP surely will continue to grow over time, but it's been a long and slow process. When I last wrote about this topic just over a year ago, Lifehacker was quick to call it a big deal, but is adoption broad? Do users care? I'm not sure they do, at least not yet-- I'm not seeing a lot of case studies on this to date and I don't seem to be running into dynamic content in all the different marketing emails I'm signed up for.

[ H/T Jim Biermeier ]

Friday, April 10, 2020 Correction: I am wrong! The Dynamic Content setting in Gmail is indeed on by default and has been so for "almost a year now," according to Filip Stanis. In a previous version of this article I had incorrectly said that Gmail users had to choose to opt-in to display Dynamic Content. Thank you, Filip!

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