Top 10 Email Security Blogs...from 2010

Check out this list of top ten email/security blogs from November 2010. You know which URLs still resolve? Which ones are clearly still here? Only three of the ten.*
All three of us practically came up from the same streets, in a sort of way. Working to deal with and stop spam on our own in the late 1990s. which led to working for a blocking list/abuse desk provider in the early naughts -- and surviving that crazy, broken working environment. And then moving upward and onward from there, growing into our careers focused on deliverability, email technology and policy compliance. And all three of us are still sharing our knowledge and expertise with clients and with the world through our websites.

That's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. The web often melts into a bowl full of broken links over time, but not in this case. We're still here. We're still doing the work, ten years after that was posted! The rest of those sites listed, the domains are dead or for sale, the blogs haven't been updated in years, or they have otherwise been shut down or abandoned. Even the blog that original posted the list, Email Security Matters, was retired and the content moved into the website of its corporate owner Vircom sometime circa 2013.

* Honorable mention: Richi Jennings is still out there blogging, but I might say it doesn't qualify, based on a bit of a technicality, as he has a new site at a slightly different domain name. I'm sure some of the others might still be out there too (Kevin Townsend appears to be writing for Security Week), but Richi's is the only other one with even a hint of continuity from then until now.
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