AMP: The next big thing? Not at

Once upon a time I asked if AMP dynamic content functionality was going to be "the next big thing" as far as email is concerned. Google's got support for it in Gmail, and Verizon announced future support for it in Yahoo Mail, but it looks like Microsoft is walking away from it. 

This post on Microsoft's Outlook Blog has a new update added to it, explaining that Microsoft will not be proceeding with AMP support in
Update (September 9th, 2020): Today we are announcing that, based on the results and feedback we received, the developer preview of AMP for Email will end on October 1st. 
After that date, AMP for Email will be turned off in Emails that used AMP will instead render using regular HTML; there is nothing extra email senders need to do for this fallback to work automatically. If email senders want to send dynamic emails to Outlook users, we encourage you to leverage Actionable Messages instead.

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