DuckDuckGo launches new tracker-blocking email domain

It sounds a bit like (or more like Apple's upcoming email privacy features) but I think it will be free and perhaps an alternative for those looking to block email tracking outside of the Apple or ecosystems. DuckDuckGo will supposedly strip out tracking code from email messages, instead of just loading tracking pixels through proxies as Apple plans to do.

Click here to read more about it over on The Verge.

Time will tell how big the email subscriber base will grow. My honest guess is that it won't grow very big at all. New addresses, new domain, manual signup, though all very easy to utilize, anything that takes additional steps adds barriers that could potentially inhibit quick, broad adoption. I suspect that what Apple is doing is going to take a far bigger bite out of marketer tracking than what DuckDuckGo is doing here.

Click here to learn more about what DuckDuckGo is doing or go here to request an invitation to sign up.

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