Validity and Spamhaus Launch Partnership to Educate Email Marketers and Enable Safer Outreach

Inbox monitoring and email validation tools vendor Validity has partnered with our friends behind the Spamhaus blocking lists to educate senders -- "formalizing a longstanding relationship in which Validity and Spamhaus have united under a singular vision to encourage better email practices while simultaneously taking strides to stop malicious, unethical activity."

From the press release, I'm not entirely clear on what the partnership entails, but it's great to see Spamhaus doing outreach here and one hopes it involves the two entities working together to help guide senders on how to be better marketers and good net citizens. And good on Validity for working to burnish and improve their efforts to guide clients on email sending and email marketing best practices.

You can find more on this over at Martechcube and Mediapost.



  1. Interesting, I've always thought of Spamhaus and others in that space as being a black box, or keeping everything behind the curtain. I'll be curious to see how this pans out and what it means for more visibility and insight into spam issues and blacklists.


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