Call for Deliverability Monitoring Vendors: MailMonitor

I very briefly touched on MailMonitor back in 2020, but I happened to talk to CEO Adrian Patel recently and so I asked him if he would like to provide an overview of MailMonitor's deliverability tools that I could share with you and the world. Below is what he sent along, which I have edited slightly (blame any editing errors on me). Thanks, Adrian!

MailMonitor is a 12 year old provider of Email Deliverability Analytics, Sender Reputation Monitoring and Deliverability Managed Services. The company was started due to the fact there was no reasonably priced solution at the time.

MailMonitor has a fun, spry team behind its product that has never lost sight of its startup culture. It's common that the company builds out custom features and solutions for its customers to keep their emails getting delivered to where they need to be. 

Here's a list of features that the Enterprise product offers:

  1. Global Seed-Based Delivery Reporting
  2. Spam Filter Score Reporting
  3. Spam Trap Reporting
  4. Blocklist Reporting
  5. ISP Anomaly Detection Reporting
  6. Time-to-Inbox Reporting
  7. Gmail Tab Placement Reporting
  8. Tracking Pixel Engagement Analytics
  9. Seed-Specific Email Header Analytics
  10. SMS and Email Alerts
  11. Delivery by IP and ISP
  12. Campaign Preview
  13. DMARC Authentication and Policy Hosting
  14. Dedicated Deliverability Expert
  15. API Token for External Use

Want to learn more? Head on over to their website, where you can even get a free demo and trial.

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