Cloudflare plans to eat Proofpoint's lunch?

Here's one I almost missed, from a couple of weeks ago: According to Wired, Cloudflare is moving into the email security space. The goal? To better protect against email-delivered threats (think phishing). They see a gap there; one I've noticed myself.

From the article Cloudflare Is Taking a Shot at Email Security by Lily Hay Newman: "Prince says that Cloudflare employees have been “astonished by how many targeted threats were getting through Google Workspace,” the company's email provider. That's not for lack of progress by Google or the other big providers on anti-spam and anti-malware efforts, he adds. But with so many types of email threats to deal with at once, strategically crafted phishing messages still slip through. So Cloudflare decided to build additional defense tools that both the company itself as well as its customers could use."

I'm using a bit of cheeky hyperbole up there in my choice of title, but this does tee up Cloudflare to end up competing more directly with companies like ProofPoint, and it highlights how even a well-tuned solution like ProofPoint email protection or even Google's best efforts might have some edge cases where they don't catch everything, leaving an opportunity for competition to come in and try to do something better. I think that's a good thing. And I personally would like to see more draconian filtering of bad actors doing the really bad stuff. And if it makes Cloudflare some money along the way, good for them.

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