THE DRIP: How to Build a Winback Campaign with Pardot

Lucy Mazalon from THE DRIP recently explained the good marketing reasons that would drive you to want to implement a winback campaign"Marketing considered these leads qualified once, and sales even progressed the conversations. You could say they are the “low hanging fruit” – the most likely to be interested in your product or service – could you capture their interest again?"

There's a strong deliverability aspect to this as well. A winback campaign is awfully close to what we deliverability people call a re-engagement campaign. From the deliverability perspective, the goal is to get a sign of life from non-responding recipients, to help boost your engagement rate as noted by ISPs, and to give you a last chance to email that segment of your list before suppressing it forever (to also help boost engagement). The end game is ultimately to maintain inbox placement by suppressing unengaged recipients after a period of time, and that winback campaign can be an essential step in that process.

For more on how to execute on this with Salesforce Pardot, click on through.

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