Deliverability in 2022: We're here! Now what?

I have meditated upon my crystal ball, dear reader, to ask it to tell me what 2022 will look like in the realm of email deliverability, and here's what it has guided me to share with you.

[ ideas for 2022 ]

First, Apple's MPP functionality really punched a big hole in the usefulness of open tracking, and 2022 is when this really will affect everybody hoping to track the email they send. Some email send platforms are taking note of MPP and changing how they do things; figuring out how to help you suppress those false opens and guiding you toward different measures and metrics to rely on in place of opens. But not all are doing the work to keep up. Is your send platform offering you ways to exclude the Apple false positive opens from your reporting? And if not, why not? This is going to be a very important question to ask in 2022. MPP took a bit of time to catch on, but rollout is broad now and it's going to be nigh universal next year. If it hasn't hit you yet, just wait. It won't be long.

Next, I'm going to toot my own horn here and say that Deliverability as a practice is thriving. It's not getting any easier to get to the inbox without help in the form of tools and consulting expertise. Good for me, since that's my day job! But it also means that those who said that said deliverability could be automated down to nothing were wrong; you do still need specialist guides (guides as in people) to navigate these troubled waters-- tools, too, but not just tools. And don't just take my word for it! Look at all of the deliverability consultant job postings we keep seeing (including ones posted here). Not only is email not dead, it is thriving, and deliverability is along for the ride, doing great.

A year ago I mentioned (among other things) that BIMI might be considered the next big thing. I am starting to see BIMI adoption grow, but I'm still seeing a lot of senders who haven't implemented BIMI. The VMC requirement is a significant barrier to entry, so it perhaps will not take off like the rocketship I initially thought it would, but BIMI adoption is going to continue to grow in 2022, and savvy senders should implement it, if they're able to. At worst, it's forward looking, waiting for other ISPs to catch up (as mostly on Gmail, Yahoo and Fastmail support the standard today). I do think that will happen, though.

There you have it, my mostly off-the-cuff comments about what I think the coming year will hold. Occasinoally I'm right, and often times I'm wrong. What do you think I've missed? Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with me!

And regardless of what this year holds, I wish luck, happiness, health and success for all of you. Thank you kindly for being a reader of or subscriber to Spam Resource.

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