Why noreply@ is nogood@ in 2022

You don't send mail as noreply@, do you?

If you discourage email responses by sending your marketing email messages with a noreply@ email address, you're missing out on an opportunity! It's an additional engagement signal to tell the ISP that people like your messages, want your messages, and engage with your messages. 

It's not the single magic incantation that'll prevent you from going to the spam folder at Gmail, but it will help!

With Apple's MPP really making it so one cannot rely on open rate tracking, marketing email senders are going to have to look to alternate and additional ways to drive engagement to be able to continue to maximize deliverability success.

Changing from a "please do not respond to this email" model to a "reply and tell us what you think" model is one of those ways.

Is this advice really that new? Maybe not. There's a lot of other good folks out there making this same recommendation -- here's one of the better ones from Sendinblue. But the ever shifting privacy landscape just handed us this new reminder as to why sending as noreply@ is not a great way to do things.

And Alison Gootee agrees.

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