Learning more about SpamAssassin filter rules

It's always good to check your email messages against the popular and free SpamAssassin spam filter (maybe even using my KBXSCORE tool?) to try to minimize your spam score. But sometimes the results can be cryptic, or you get a quite unexpected result. Understanding SpamAssassin's feedback can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. You get a list of scoring keywords and perhaps a sentence or two about what each one means. But what if you need more? Check out what Deliverability Consultant Nicola Selenu has put together over on his Top Deliverability website: A list of all the SpamAssassin rules, with detailed descriptions and little code snippets showing you what words and tags the filter is often looking for! This is something that I'm definitely bookmarking for future reference. Thanks, Nicola, for compiling and sharing this! It might not make every single spam filter rule easier to understand, but more data leads to more understanding.



  1. And thanks for sharing!
    the "compendium" is constantly being updated and open to suggestions.

    it's just one of those things that I always wanted "was out there" so I decided to do it myself - You know that feeling, Al ;)


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