Better understanding Microsoft

Microsoft is the land of deliverability challenges right now. I'm hearing it daily from lots and lots of folks: "My (email deliverability) stats are great everywhere else. I'm not buying lists, I'm not doing anything sneaky or evil, but I'm still having Microsoft woes." Well, you're not alone. And while I don't necessarily have an easy fix for you, I wanted to share (and recap) a few resources that you might find useful. The more you know, and all that...

My colleague Jennifer Nespola Lantz just recently put together a two part series called The Microsoft Conundrum, found over on the Kickbox blog, where she attempts to explain the world to you through Microsoft's eyes (and through her own experiences):

And here's links to prior posts on Spam Resource where I talk about Microsoft blocking and what to do about it:

And if you've got any of your own tips and tricks that you'd like to share with the world, feel free to reply and let me know. I'd be happy to post your thoughts on Spam Resource, or link to them if you've posted something elsewhere.



  1. Microsoft hates itself too, if that helps. Certification (their own) newsletters and XBox renewal goes to junk, but any number of rando McAfee/PayPal/etc emails seem to get inboxed with no problem whatsoever.


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