BIMI on iOS: It's alive!

Check it out -- it's our first taste of BIMI on iOS outside of beta. Apple iOS users who upgrade to iOS 16 can now see a BIMI logo associated with an email send, depending on what mailbox provider they use. All four of these CNN Newsletter signup emails were opened and viewed on the default Apple mail client in iOS 16.0.2, and as you can see, iCloud and Fastmail users get shown the BIMI logo for CNN! You'll note that no logo is displayed for the Yahoo and Gmail subscribers, even though both platforms support BIMI (and CNN has the Gmail-required VMC in place). Why Fastmail and not Gmail or Yahoo? I suspect that Fastmail was quickest to implement an updated "authentication results" header that includes information about the BIMI logo checks, and I don't think Gmail and Yahoo are including that information. Yet? It seems likely that they'll catch up soon. If my assumptions are correct about all of this, of course. And of course, iCloud users are going to see BIMI support immediately because it goes without saying that the Apple BIMI support should support Apple-hosted mailboxes.

This is a big deal. When Yahoo and Gmail add the necessary bits to support BIMI display in Apple's mail client, we can no longer called BIMI an "up and coming" protocol; it will have officially arrived. Recipient exposure to BIMI logos will skyrocket as Apple users upgrade to iOS 16, and critical mass will be achieved. Time to get your BIMI logo set up, if you don't already have one!

More on Apple BIMI support:

Hat Tip: Thanks to Brian Westnedge of RedSift for information on Fastmail support.

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