Fun with data: Top UK mailbox providers (by one measure)

It's infographic time! This one breaks down the top 25 mailbox providers in the UK, as measured by this methodology:

  • Any domain in the "top 10 million domains" (as measured by various online tools),
  • And that domain name ends in .uk, the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United Kingdom,
  • Analyze and roll up counts of all the MX records/email hosting for all of those domains;
  • And thus, we have how many "top 10 million .uk domains" each of these mailbox providers hosts,
  • Which probably makes this breakdown mostly B2B-oriented, and B2C mail tends to be more oriented toward many users at a small number of domains, and very few of these domains are going to be freemail/webmail domains.

This ranking by number of domains is not quite the same as noting how much email traffic (or how many messages) each service handles, inbound or outbound, but's I don't have access to that, do I? So I've got this, instead -- an interesting-through-rough indicator of market share based on number of clients in a certain range of popularity.

Here's that ranking written out, in case you're not into the whole infographic thing.

Dot UK Mailbox Provider Ratings, From Top 10M Domains, December 2022:

  1. Microsoft (18.61%)
  2. Google (10.52%)
  3. IONOS (4.61%)
  4. 123 Reg (3.44%)
  5. Mimecast (2.88%)
  6. 20i Stackmail (2.08%)
  7. N-able SpamExperts (2.01%)
  8. Fasthosts Livemail (1.58%)
  9. Krystal (1.14%)
  10. (0.94%)
  11. Barracuda (0.88%)
  12. OpenSRS/Tucows (0.85%)
  13. Proofpoint (0.78%)
  14. Godaddy (0.75%)
  15. Rackspace (0.72%)
  16. Namecheap (0.60%)
  17. Zoho (0.51%)
  18. Broadcom MessageLabs (0.46%)
  19. MailGuard (0.43%)
  20. LCN (0.37%)
  21. (0.35%)
  22. VIPRE Fusemail (0.34%)
  23. Forcepoint (0.25%)
  24. Hornet Security (0.23%)
  25. Gandi (0.22%)

I was surprised to find that Microsoft is bigger than Google in this ranking. I'm less surprised that Yahoo isn't well represented here. They do host a bit of custom domain/SMB B2B mail, but I would imagine what little they do host is primarily US-based. Both of those reduce the chances that Yahoo is going to show up in a UK slice of the "top ten million domains."

If some provider names seem unclear, it's because a lot of mailbox providers use alternate domains for client MX records and Google is not always forthcoming with determining the relationship between MX record and mailbox provider. Additionally, even when you do figure out which company it (probably) is, sometimes the company name makes no sense or is out of date. A few (Krystal, Spam Experts, IONOS, Proofpoint) have different MX records for different types of clients. I've summed those together for a provider's entry, whenever I'm able to figure out what's going on.


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