How to deal with bot/ghost clicks in Salesforce Pardot

Time for a quick recap! People ask me about this a lot -- how does one deal with ghost clicks or bot clicks in Salesforce Pardot (aka "Marketing Cloud Account Engagement")? These unwanted clicks come from multiple sources, but primarily from email and network security devices and services meant to scan inbound email messages at companies and mailbox providers, looking for malicious links. What can happen is that they can inflate your click rate (an email to 500 people suddenly has 10,000 clicks logged) and besides making your stats wonky, they can interfere with engagement tracking and occasionally unsubscribe recipients accidentally.

I've had this list of link kicking around for a while now, and I thought it would be good to share it here. Without further ado, here's my Pardot Bot Click / Bot Prevention reading list:

  1. First, learn about "Metrics Guard."
  2. Next, read about "Automatically filtered activity in a Pardot emails."
  3. Then check out "3 Ways Pardot Protects Your Email Reports from Non-human Activity" from Lucy Mazalon.
  4. And now, learn how to "Identify Email Bot Clicks with Pardot Custom Redirects."
  5. And finally, check out this bonus tip on signup form protection, "Bot Protection and Forms" from Salesforce Support.
Got any other tips to add to this? Leave me a comment here or drop me a line, and thanks!

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