Reference: Telstra Email Domains

Australian telecommunications provider Telstra has long provided internet services (including email), initially via the "Bigpond" brand (launched in 1996, later retired). They're reported to have 18.8 million customer accounts, though I don't know how many active email accounts that translates to. Even if you assume a 1:1 correlation between user accounts and email accounts (which is unlikely), that's still quite a bit smaller than, say, Yahoo Mail (which was reported as having 225 million active users as of 2017). Regardless, a multi-million subscriber base is nothing to sneeze at.

I don't have much information on blocking/unblocking information for senders with Telstra/Bigpond delivery issues at this time. I'll add information here as I'm able to.

In the mean time, if you are having a Telstra/Bigpond-related deliverability issue, and if you would like to segment out or suppress mail to the Telstra domains, here's a list of their primary email domains:


Telstra hosts email for a few other domains and companies, though seemingly not many. I found only thirty-five domains (of the top 10 million domains) that seem to have their email hosted by Telstra or Bigpond. Here's a list:

  • Bigpond:,,,,,,,,,,
  • Telstra:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Thus, if you wish to special case all mail hosted by Bigpond or Telstra, you might want to start by combining all the domains listed here and using that as your initial grouping. Keep an eye out for additional domains hosted by the same MX records as these (* and

March 31, 2023 Update: A friend was kind enough to point out that Telstra Bigpond host mail for "" as well, and this is indeed reflected in the MX record for that domain. It points to a unique "" but the server IP addresses behind that are the same as the normal "" servers.



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