Today, let's define the acronym BIMI, aka "Brand Indicators for Message Identification."

Let's go straight to the folks who have created the BIMI specs, the Authindicators Working Group. From their website: "Brand Indicators for Message Identification is an emerging email specification that enables the use of brand-controlled logos within supporting email clients."

What? It's a way to publish a logo that will show up next to email messages you send.

Why? To increase branding, increase customer confidence that your emails are legitimate, and it can increase engagement.

How? First, you must secure your domain with DMARC (and that DMARC policy must be a "strong" one, aka "quarantine" or "reject"). You must purchase a "verified mark certificate" (required by some BIMI-supporting mailbox providers, though not all) to prove that your logo is properly trademarked, and then you need to publish a version of your logo in a special limited vector graphics format. 

BIMI is supported by multiple mailbox providers, including Yahoo, Gmail, Apple and others (but not Microsoft). Find more details of that support here.

That's just a very brief overview -- I've also recently published a BIMI FAQ here, and there's a whole section of BIMI-related content here on Spam Resource.

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