Fun with data: Email username rankings

Time for some more fun with data! This time, courtesy of Senior Email Consultant Keith Kouzmanoff, who kindly shared this fun data sample, breaking down how many times each common username appeared in a sampling of email list data containing more than two million email addresses. Who's number one? It's john@. Congrats, john@, you're the most popular email username.

Here's the top ten:

  1. John@
  2. Mike@
  3. Steve@
  4. David@
  5. Mark@
  6. Jim@
  7. Bob@
  8. Chris@
  9. Gary@
  10. Joe@
Darn it, I thought I (al@) was number ten, but I realize that I misread the chart, and I'm much further down the list. Oh, well. Regardless of my own ranking, thanks to Keith (who also didn't make the top 25, ha ha) for sharing this data. I'm not sure what I'd do with this from a marketing perspective, but it's fun to visualize, regardless!

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