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Mike Hillyer describes himself as "passionate about all things email infrastructure and deliverability." Recently, I noticed that his Linkedin profile had changed -- he's now listed as the co-founder of something called Kumo Corp. Their website talks about KumoMTA, an open source, flexible, high performance MTA platform. I reached out to Mike, asking him if he'd like to share with me what they're doing over there, and I offered to share that along to all of you. So this isn't really an advertisement -- I just thought it would be interesting to share info about something new that caught my eye, and no money changed hands. I hope you find it interesting! And without further ado, take it away, Mike:

Here at KumoMTA we all started with a Free/Open-Source software background and then moved into the commercial MTA world. In that time we helped build, install, and support solutions that are now responsible for a significant portion of the world's legitimate email traffic.

From the beginning it was obvious that, unlike the PHP/MySQL world we came from, the Open-Source MTA landscape was unsuitable for the enterprise, especially for the high-volume sending community we found ourselves a part of. Where Open-Source was in use we found that it required a large number of servers and a significant amount of work to get it to scale and we often would come into organizations with dozens of Postfix servers and replace them with one or two high-performance MTAs.

And yet, our Open-Source roots were not lost; in recent years when we'd talk to our friends in the high-volume on-premises community, we identified a new trend where the big senders wanted off of their current commercial solution but did not want another commercially licensed solution, resulting in many senders either building their own MTAs or looking at the new Open-Source MTAs that have appeared in the space in recent years. These organizations soon discovered that either the effort and skillset required to build an MTA was too significant, or that the new Open-Source offerings lacked the performance needed by large-scale senders due to the focus of those MTAs being on small sending/receiving organizations.

We decided it was time to do something different; build an MTA that was designed from the ground up for large-volume senders, leveraging all the learning, experience, and new technologies that had developed since the last time we started in the MTA world in the early 2000s, combined with an Open-Source business model that we'd learned can work to the mutual benefit of both vendor and user from our days at PHP and MySQL.

We've just brought KumoMTA out of beta, and it's now delivering production traffic throughout the world. For those looking to send large volumes of mail using on-prem servers or private cloud, it provides performance to the tune of millions of messages per hour, per server, and extreme flexibility through its Lua policy and configuration engine. It's not only (in our opinion) the best MTA for ESPs and other high-volume senders, it's the only Open-Source option suited for large-scale sending environments.

Feel free to take a look (https://kumomta.com/repo) and join our community (https://kumomta.com/discord), and drop us a line (https://kumomta.com/contact) to chat more about how Open-Source could be the right solution for your sending needs.

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