Google purging inactive accounts (and notifying the world)

As mentioned before, Google's planning to disable and delete accounts that have been inactive for two years or longer; they promise not to start doing this until December; they have been warning every Google user of this change via email; and they promise to further notify impacted users before disabling specific accounts.

Some folks are up in arms about this change in Google policy. According to CNBC, "Google's plan to purge inactive accounts isn’t sitting well with some users." But the truth is, Google has kind of been going overboard notifying everybody, and they're clearly still in the midst of that notification process.

I personally have received twenty three individual email notifications of this Google policy change so far. Perhaps I have more Google accounts than the average person, but it sure seems to me like they're notifying everyone. I'd be surprised if anyone were really caught off guard by this policy change.

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