ICYMI: Deliverability for Newsletter Senders

Hey! Thanks to everybody who joined us to talk deliverability through the focus of newsletter senders and small publishers. I do think the "Small Publisher's Guide to Deliverability Success" was indeed a success based on the attendees and questions and feedback received so far. If you missed the webinar and would like to watch the recording, download a PDF copy, or capture all the links we shared along the way, just head on over to the Kickbox blog where you'll find it all.

I do a lot of webinars but this was a bit of a unique one. I crammed just a little too much info in there, intentionally so, so that it can hopefully be a useful resource guide after the fact. And the reason the focus was on newsletter senders and small publishers was because I've observed some really good senders having trouble lately, through no fault of their own, and it made me realize that so much of my deliverability guidance is focused on email marketing, and that's not the only kind of email there is. So sometimes those sending good content and necessary news alerts can find it hard to get good deliverability advice when running into issues; their use case can fall between the cracks.

Anyway, I hope that everyone found it useful and if you have any feedback about this webinar or thoughts on what else I should include or focus on next time around, please leave a comment here or drop me your thoughts via the usual channels.

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