United Online (Juno, Netzero): Domains and Updated Postmaster Site

Well, in case you were wondering, Juno and Netzero still exist, though they're probably not as quite as big as when they first merged to make the second largest internet service provider (ISP) in the United States back in 2001.

The company name is actually United Online, and they've recently updated their postmaster site -- it can now be found at postmaster.untd.com where you'll find forms to submit to request whitelisting or unblocking, among other useful bits of information.

Are you having trouble delivering emails to United Online subscribers? If so, you'd be seeing bounces when sending mail to these domains:

  • juno.com
  • mybluelight.com
  • mysite.com
  • netzero.com
  • netzero.net
  • privatephone.com
  • unitedonline.net
  • untd.com

The juno.com domain ranks #45 on a recent domain ranking snapshot I compiled against a large sampling of B2C data. This may not comprise a huge set of recipient mailboxes, especially compared to somebody like Gmail, but you could still have enough Juno and Netzero subscribers on your list for this to matter.

And finally, note that United Online is not the same company as United Internet AG (aka 1&1).

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