Verizon Wireless users: Disabling inbound email-to-SMS

You know how you can send an email message to a certain address, and it'll be converted into a text message and sent to a certain cell phone? There's a whole guide on how to do this; different cell phone providers have different domain names. For Verizon Wireless users, you send an email to (phone number) and it lands in the SMS inbox of the Verizon Wireless mobile user with that phone number.

Find that annoying? Is it being abused to send you spam? If so, there's a way to turn it off! According to CNBC, just text "off" to short code "4040" and that will disable this functionality. If you change your mind, text "on" to the same number. Either way, you will get a notification back from Verizon telling you if you've turned it on or off.

I've tried it. Seems to work. After turning the feature off, any attempt to spam my cell number via email is rejected with this error: "550 5.1.1 <(number)> recipient address rejected"

Neat! I wonder if the other US national mobile providers, T-Mobile or AT&T, have anything similar.

I do think they all support the "7726" report spam feature nowadays.

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