Guest Post: Cornucopia of Comms Coming Soon

In the USA, at least, this week is widely considered to be a springboard to the year-end holiday season. Retailers will be hustling to meet or exceed their projected revenue goals while, conveniently, many of their customers will begin their pursuit of the perfect gifts for their family and friends (and coworkers, and mail carriers, and refuse collectors, and kids' teachers, and maaaaybe a little something for themselves, too). The convergence of retailers' and consumers' goals means that inboxes will soon be more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey (or a Thanksgiving Ali(ver)son for that matter).

If your open rates decline over the next couple of weeks, don't panic! In addition to the increased inbox competition, plenty of people will also be busy with family or covering for colleagues, and may not have the time to give more than a passing glance to their inboxes. Take note of trends, though, especially in context with other outcomes like spam complaints, unsubscribes, and bounce reasons.

  • Lower opens AND an uptick in soft bounces for over-quota mailboxes? That could be a cue to sunset unengaged subscribers.
  • Opens look okay but complaints seem to have increased? Maybe it's time to highlight (or build) the preference center so subscribers can pause or reduce the amount of mail they receive without needing to completely opt out.
  • Lots of new subscribers, but they're not engaging positively? It wouldn't hurt to review their acquisition methods, ensure that the opt-in language is clear, and double-check that forms are secured to combat bot abuse.
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