Webinar alert: Get ready! The DMARCpocalypse is coming!

Google says all senders (of a certain size) must have a DMARC record in place as of February, 2024, else you could find yourself blocked at Gmail. Yahoo Mail is similarly requiring DMARC. And if you're not familiar with DMARC, where do you start? Where do you learn more and what do you do next? Never fear, LB Blair and I have got you covered!

Spam Resource and Email Industries are partnering to present DMARC-Pocalypse Now: What you need to know about DMARC and new Yahoo/Gmail requirements, a live free webinar! The fun begins Wednesday January 10, 2024 at 11:00 US central time, and you can register for the webinar right here.

LB and I will walk you through email authentication basics (DKM, SPF, and DMARC), explain exactly what a DMARC record is and why you should care. We'll cover DMARC reports, why you might want a tool or service to process reports and build reports (dashboards) for you, explain the risks around DMARC policy and implementation, other gotchas, and touch a bit on the other new Gmail and Yahoo Mail sender requirements (because DMARC wasn't the only one!). Lots of good detail here, almost too much for one webinar! But we'll do our best.

Bring your questions! Tell your friends! Make some new friends! Bring your new friends with! Trick your children! Don't trick your children. But please do share this with friends and other email industry peeps, anyone who might benefit from learning more about DMARC.

I'm really looking forward to my first webinar of 2024 and I hope to see you there!

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