subscribers to land in Yahoo Mail

Cox Communications is a US-based cable internet provider, providing telecommunications services to twenty states and the District of Columbia. But don't call them a mailbox provider -- at least not any more. They're handing off mailboxes to be managed as a part of Yahoo Mail. mail users won't lose their email access -- they'll just get at that email via Yahoo Mail, post transition. As a consumer mailbox provider -- Cox was never that big. (And wasn't growing -- reports that Cox stopped offering new webmail accounts back in 2019.) Based on 2021 data, I think they were perhaps number nine or ten down the list when counted by number of active subscribers on typical B2C marketing lists. Yahoo will continue to be number two (behind Gmail) both before and after this transition of Cox user mailboxes, though it's nice to see this growth in the Yahoo mailbox footprint.

Cox hasn't announced a date for the transition. You can find their announcement here, and then there's some also additional information, where they note that users will have up to 365 days post transition to login to Yahoo Mail. Those that don't login before the transition or within a year after transition will find their email addresses retired.

This doesn't mean "" becomes a dead domain; anybody who wishes to keep their email address alive will have ample opportunity to move it to Yahoo Mail.

Email senders, there's a chance that bounce rates go up at some point in the future, if not all potentially transitioning subscribers actually complete the transition process. My guess, though, is that this will be mostly abandoned mailboxes finally being disabled. Time will tell, but I'm not too worried.

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