Fun with data: Twilio Sendgrid

Twilio Sendgrid (just?) released their "2023 Email Marketing Benchmark Report" and it's chock-full of baseline and quartile metrics for you to refer to when ranking your own marketing efforts. Here and there a stat might seem a bit weak (5% open rate at best?) but when you take every industry and vertical together and mix it all in a blender, you're probably going to blend away some of those edge cases.

The data is actually from 2022 -- not sure why it's effectively a year delayed or if I missed it before (?) but it's a fun read, nonetheless. Thank you, Twilio Sendgrid, for sharing this!

You know how much I love to stack rank mailbox providers to help define the size of the mailbox universe -- I've done it with my own small data, and I've linked to others summing up their own data, but it's nice to see numbers from a very large mail engine that seem to mostly mirror the universe as I expected to see it.

Though I must admit, I wasn't aware of Smarsh until today. Even if the website didn't make it obvious, the MX record data out in the wild make it clear that this Smarsh is very focused on the financial sector. Example domains that MX to Smarsh's include,,,,,,,,, and

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