Top Five Spam Resource Posts of 2023

It's that time again! Let's roll through the blog stats and look for what was most popular, most read during 2023 here on the Spam Resource blog.

Number five: Gmail now rejecting unauthenticated mail

The fifth most popular blog post on Spam Resource in 2023 warned folks that Gmail was now taking a harder stance against unauthenticated mail. They didn't immediately start fully blocking all unauthenticated mail, but they are now quick to block mail from domains, if they had ever previously seen authentication, but now current mail is not authenticated. A complex message, but still, a significant change, and a harbinger of things to come at Gmail.

Number four: Comcast email addresses: .com or .net?

I was right to think that this is confusing enough that it's something people search for on Google quite regularly. Thanks, organic SEO!

Number three: ISP Deliverability Guide: Yahoo/AOL (Updated for 2022)

Gmail isn't the only provider shaking things up. Yahoo has tightened up requirements and has spam filtering mechanisms that I would characterize as "tough but fair" and so it's no surprise that there are a lot of folks out there looking for a better understanding of how to handle Yahoo deliverability challenges.

Number two: Gmail: Weird RFC 5322 bounces and what to do about them

Gmail makes the list a second time. I think this post is popular with people confused by Gmail  rejections referencing RFC 5322. The reason? Gmail's now rejecting malformed mail in what many of us think is an attempt to clamp down on DKIM replay attacks. This post was popular last year, too.

Number one: Reference:, GMX and Domains

The top blog post of the year here in 2023 isn't an exciting one, but it is popular! And I'm glad I was able to pull this together to share it with folks. It's just a list of as many of the 1&1/Ionos webmail domains as I could find. Handy for segmentation and who knows what. Nuff said.

Bonus: Gmail and Yahoo: New deliverability requirements coming in 2024

This one just missed the cut, coming in at number six, when looking at the traffic and views for the whole year. However, tighten up that time frame to just the last few months, and this blog post jumps to number one. People are very interested in what's changing at Yahoo and Gmail, and I'm glad to be able to share what I know. Stay tuned, as I'm sure there's lots more to come on this topic in the near future.

And that's all there is to it. Thanks for reading Spam Resource throughout 2023 and I look forward to continuing to connect with you in 2024!

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