DELIVTERMS: Google Postmaster Tools (GPT)

It seems like a good day to decode another deliverability acronym. It's DELIVTERMS! The annoyingly random ongoing feature from Spam Resource, where we explain all those confusing deliverability terms.

Today, we're talking about GPT: Google Postmaster Tools (or Gmail Postmaster Tools). It is a reputation dashboard that Google provides to help you understand your sending reputation and troubleshoot deliverability issues when sending to Gmail subscribers.

GPT is a truly handy thing for email senders, especially email marketers who need data and deliverability monitoring. It pulls together IP address reputation, domain reputation, bounce and complaint metrics, and more, all in one handy interface.

GPT is domain-based, meaning that you configure it to provide you data on either your return-path or visible from domain, authenticated by way of SPF and DKIM. You tell GPT which domains you want to monitor, and you then prove that you own or have admin access to each given domain by implementing a key string in a TXT record to demonstrate that ownership.

Deliverability consultants and marketing managers can use the data to great success -- showing proof that whatever changes (strategic, technical, segmentation, etc.) made to a marketing program are showing improvement as measured by the good/bad reputation indicators for sending IPs and domains -- here's an example from my savvy industry colleague Josie Garcia doing just that.

Google recently updated the GPT dashboard to include new compliance checks to help senders ensure that they are fully following the new Google and Yahoo 2024 sender requirements.

A sender must send more than a minimum volume of email messages to Gmail subscribers in order for GPT to show any data about a domain registered with GPT. Google says that this must be a “sizable daily volume of email traffic (up to the order of hundreds).”

Is GPT secure? Yes.

Find Google’s GPT FAQ here.

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