MBP Spotlight: ovh.net

Who hosts what mail? MBP Spotlight
is the series here at Spam Resource where I’ll share ranking data for the top mailbox providers (including B2B) based on where they fall in the top ten million domains. Some entries might have more info, some entries might have less, depending on what information I know about them and what information I can find online.

To count rankings, I took a snapshot of MX records for the top ten million domains, and then rolled them up based on the domain name hosting mail for each domain. That shows me how many domains have their inbound email hosted by hosted by “*.google.com,” “*.outlook.com,” etc.

Number 7 in the rankings: ovh.net

Who is this? OVHCloud

What are they? OVH is a French cloud computing company which offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web services.

How much mail do they host? The domain ovh.net hosts hosts mail for more than 57,871 email domains.

Companies using OVH to host inbound email (as of April 2024) include Photodeck, TV5Monde, Footeo, and Chef Simon.

I don’t have specific information to help you, if you’re finding mail rejected when trying to send to domains with email hosted by ovh.net. However, the OVH Help Center includes an Email FAQ that explains how OVH users can report false positive blocking, and other related info (though it seems to be geared more toward OVH customers). OVH indicates that they use Vade (aka Vade Retro) for some level of spam filtering.

Ranking based on March 2024 data snapshot. Corrections, questions or updates? Contact me.
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