Cool tool: ESP Finder by Sendview

What does Sendview do? As they describe it, they provide "Competitor tracking built for email marketers." (It reminds me of what eDatasource was when it first started.)

But that's not what this blog post is about. The blog post is to tell you about ESP Finder: A cool little tool from Sendview that helps you identify what ESP platform launched a given email message. Just forward an email to their special address, and they'll hit you back with a response that gives you their best guess as to what ESP platform was used to send a given email message.

I think that's a pretty handy widget to have around. It's not necessarily hard to build one of these yourself. Trace where the links go, where the images are hosted, where the profile center URL is hosted, and look at all the domains involved. Easy to start, but potentially an administrative headache to keep track of over time, so I'm thankful that they put this together, and I didn't have to.

And now I've got somewhere to point people to, when they ask me "hey, can you tell me what ESP sent this email message?"

For fun, I asked it to tell me what platform was behind the Spam Resource newsletter. It didn't know. I don't blame them, I'm running a one-off homebuilt thing. But maybe they'll see this note and add a fingerprint for it to their database, labeled as Wombatmail. 

Find ESP Finder here.



  1. Thanks for the shoutout, Al! And just added a couple rules for WombatMail to ESP Finder :)


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