Deliverability Matters, and welcome to Deliverability Week 2024!

Deliverability is a big practice, and an important practice, involving email marketing and email marketing best practices, email technology and authentication, abuse prevention and mitigation, industry collaboration, expert consultation, and so much more.

There are probably more than three hundred of us in this world of email, the deliverability consultants and strategists, those of us working in administration and operational deliverability roles, guiding our companies through collaborative industry relationships, spreading best practices, or specializing in compliance and abuse mitigation to help ensure that mail being sent is not unwanted and malicious. From configuring MTAs to serve up important email notifications to building tools to help monitor for, notify of, and help correct spam blocking and inbox placement issues. To instruct senders on how to implement email authentication and protect their domains against phishing and spoofing, to help marketers maximize the email campaign ROI and grow their businesses. To help senders and receivers of email find ways to thrive and support their users. To work together to help ensure that the mail that gets to the inbox is wanted. To keep email usable and successful.

We are here to help protect the email ecosystem and help share and spread our knowledge and expertise to all involved with email. And our goal this week is to remind you that Deliverability Matters – that it’s an important practice that helps inform and support everything related to email today.

With our deliverability expertise, we’re able to help you configure your domains, servers and campaigns to comply with mailbox provider technical requirements, as well as being able to guide you on the strategic best practices around email marketing, why permission matters, how to properly get that permission, how to manage segmentation and manage your subscribers lists over time to maximize your chances of inbox delivery success, how to address spam folder issues, blocklist issues, and other types of impediments to delivery and deliverability success.

Throughout this week we’ll share content and links from and to different folks involved in the email deliverability sphere; some you may know, some you may not know. We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s focus and group participation and hope that you’ll remember us, and remember that Deliverability Matters.

Where can you find our content? Hashtag #deliverabilityweek on Linkedin. I'll also link to it all from here on Spam Resource daily, and publish a recap in next week's email newsletter.

Welcome to Deliverability Week 2024!

Written by Al Iverson with the help and support of Jennifer Nespola Lantz (Kickbox and ISKTBN/I Should Know This By Now), Laura Atkins (Word to the Wise), Lauren Meyer (SocketLabs), Matthew Vernhout (EmailKarma), Mickey Chandler (Spamtacular), Richelo Killian (InboxJam), Steve Atkins (Word to the Wise), Travis Hazlewood (Ortto) and many others!

Update: And it's done! Did you miss it? If so, never fear! I've collected recaps and links to our posts each day, and they're right here for you to review: Welcome/IntroductionDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4, and Day 5. You can also click through to browse the whole "Deliverability Week 2024" section on Spam Resource.


  1. I don't follow...
    This some sort week of written articles somewhere? Of this is a web-forum/web-conference/etc? I see same posts from Lauren Meyer in Linkedin but puzzled where to follow all that stuff


  2. Hi, Anton! Follow the #deliverabilityweek hashtag on Linkedin (I'll update my post to make that clear) and check your favorite deliverability blog every day -- including this one -- as we'll link to each other. I am going to post about and link to all of it from here on Spam Resource, as well.


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